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Name  Shields E John
Rank  Corporal
Serial #  32233576
Company  C
Unit  23d Engr Bn
Servicebranch  Engineer
State, City  New York, Ft Niagara Youngstown
Date of birth  1913-12-24
Date of death  1944-12-21
Place of death  Soy, Belgium
Plot  Unknown
Cemetery   East Ripley Cemetery USA
Awards  Purple Heart
Remarks  Cpl Shields was killed in Soy, Belgium on Dec. 21, 1944, in the Battle of the Bulge. He was declared missing in action for four years, having been buried under a German tank. A farmer walking in his field with his 17-year-old son caught the glint of a dog tag, pushed to the surface over the years, and they uncovered his remains. John, known as Ep to his family, finally was buried in his hometown of Ripley, N.Y., thanks to the Lambert family in Soy. A postscript to this story: the 17-year-old, Florent Lambert, years later etched the face of Ep on granite, unveiled in a memorial ceremony 50 years later in Erezee Belgium.
Grave Soldier
 (32233576), photograph by: Jud & Debbie White  (32233576)
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