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Name  Poveromo Paul
Rank  Lieutenant Colonel
Serial #  0-1010858
Company  B
Unit  Qm Supply Bn
Servicebranch  QMC
State, City  New York, Smithtown
Date of birth  1917-10-30
Date of death  1988-09-02
Plot  Unknown
Cemetery   Saint Patrick's Cemetery
Awards  Bronze Star
Remarks  LTC. Poveromo served as a Quartmaster Company Commander throughout the war. He landed in Normandy following the initial invasion. He served in France, Belgium, and Germany during the war. He remained in Germany following the war for occupation duty. By the late 1940's he was reassigned to the US Far East Command under General MacArthur. He was stationed in Japan and later saw combat duty in Korea. He finished his career with US First Army Headquarters, Ft. Jay, NY.
Grave Soldier
 (0-1010858), photograph by: Robert Poverome (Family)  (0-1010858), photograph by: Robert Poverome (Family)
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