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Name  Caldwell H William
Rank  Corporal
Serial #  34167824
Company  D
Unit  83d Recon
Servicebranch  Cavalry
State, City  Alabama, Ft McClellan
Date of birth  1920-03-21
Date of death  1944-09-03
Place of death  Erquelinnes, Belgium
Cause of death  Killed in Action
Plot,Row,Grave  B, 44, 8
Cemetery   Ardennes American Cemetery, Neupre, Belgium,Google Maps
Temporary Cemetery  Neuville and Condroz A-1-6
Awards  Purple HeartBronze Star
Remarks  One of the citizens of Jeumont, who was also a young member of the French Resistance, found his body on the morning of the 3rd. Her name was Colette Venet at the time. She later married and became Colette Delantree (known by everyone as Mamie Coco). She always remembered his sacrifice, and was instrumental in having his name included on their war veterans memorial stele outside city hall. Until last year, she went to his grave at Ardennes every year on the anniversary of his death. This year, her health did not allow the trip. Two years ago, she and another citizen encouraged the city of Jeumont to rename a street in his honor.
Grave Soldier
 (34167824), photograph by: Webmaster  (34167824), photograph by: Linda Kurtz
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