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Name  Urban E Ernest
Rank  Staff Sergeant
Serial #  36213265
Company  F
Unit  33d Armor
Servicebranch  Armor
State, City  Wisconsin, Hillsboro
Date of birth  1916-02-02
Date of death  1994-07-11
Plot,Row,Grave  4S24, ,
Cemetery   Viroqua Cemetery, Vernon County, Wisconsin USA
Awards  Purple HeartSilver Star
Remarks  Wounded on October 4th 1944. He told us that he and his men were buttoned up inside their tank for a long time and they ran out of water. He decided to go outside the tank to get a 'Jerry Can' of water for his men and him. When he went outside the tank a sniper from a house shot and wounded him. The tank shot the house and maybe the sniper also. He went many days before getting medical help. He was not sure if they were still in Belgium at the time, but he thought they might have crossed into Germany. After that the war was over for him, but he had to spend a long time in the hospital. Awarded Silver Star on 10-14-1944 by HQ 3d Armored Division General Order 72
Grave Soldier
 (36213265), photograph by: Dan Urban  (36213265), photograph by: Dan Urban
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